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(Modular temperature uniformity survey fixture with thermocouples attached)

Furnace Uniformity Survey

With extensive experience performing AMS-2750 and CQI-9 qualified surveys, American Instrument Corporation's highly trained technicians have years of experience and will work with you to provide a thermal profile of your specific process. Using best-in-class multi-point recorders and data-loggers customers get both written records and computerized numerical data of all survey results. We utilize the optimum number of sensors to ensure compliance to internal or regulatory specifications.

Furnaces we currently perform surveys for include, but are not limited to, Drop Bottom, Internal Quench, Bake Oven, Aging Oven, Batch Temper, Belt Driven and Vacuum Furnaces.

Our furnace survey reports are individually prepared for each of our customers. Included are statistics for the furnace, temperature data recorded for each thermocouple, a graphical presentation of the heating curve and an image of the furnace along with thermocoupe placement. We are proud that we have been told by our customers that our reports have assisted in their obtaining additional business for the furnaces surveyed!

Sample Survey Report